Nuuk is the capital of Greenland with approx. 17.000 people


Greenland is the biggest Island in the world with approx. 57.000 people.
About 85% of Greenland is covered by ice.


“Takus” is the greenlandic word for “see you”

Welcome To Nuuk


We are looking forward to have you here in Nuuk

We acknowlegde that handball is important, but we hope that you will also take some time out to experience some of the wonderful sights and adventures that Nuuk has to offer.

  • Boat trips in the unique Godthåb Fiord
  • Whale-safari
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Museum
  • Sightseeing
  • Cultural Centre Katuaq

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More About Nuuk

Colourful Nuuk App

When you arrive in Nuuk you might be a bit overwhelmed about where everything is and how you get there and the lack of internet does not make it easier. But fear not, with the Colourful Nuuk app you have an always updated city map and weather chart on your phone! Also you can find loads of other information like the digital Art Walk that will give you a guided tour around the city to see all the public jewels of art. The app also contains contact information on businesses, emergency numbers, events, travel stories and much more.

Download the app for IOS and Android.


Some facts about Nuuk

Nuuk is the Capital of Greenland. Here are some more facts:


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